IPmatica - No 1 distriutor of VoIP solutions

IPmatika, LLC. is the VAD distributor of VoIP and communication solutions in Russia and CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan). The vendors in IPmatika portfolio are the worlds' leaders: Yealink, Yeastar, 3CX, Gigaset, VT, Milesight, J&R, Wi-Tek, TG-Net, Fanvil.

Learn more about IPmatika's vendor portfolio:

Yealink provide an up-to-date set of video-conferencing solutions, including video terminals with support for Skype for Business and MS Teams, IP-phones of the T2x, T4x series, updated business phones of the T5x series, DECT-IP phones, audio conference phones, headsets and accessories;

Yeastar products are IP-PBX, Cloud PBX, SIP-gateways, user applications;

3CX is a smart communication platform, professional call-centre platform;

Wi-Tek products are affordable PoE switches, ISP/WISP solutions, Wi-Fi access points and bridges;

TG-NET - SMB-class networking hardware;

Milesight - smart video surveillance system;

J&R - industrial secure telephones, intercoms for public areas;

DECT-IP-solutions Gigaset PRO; VT - professional headsets for call-centers and offices;

IP-Phones IPMATIKA; hotel phones Fanvil, SIP intercoms and intercoms Fanvil, phones for contact centers Fanvil and accessories;

Nista - audio and video SIP intercoms.



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E-mail: info@ipmatika.ru

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