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9 мая / Magical Crypto Conference

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Magical Crypto Conference - 2020-05-09

New York, United States

#MCC2020 is back and will go beyond expectations to materialize a ‘world with no borders’. We will have speakers who are leaders in the industry, the best topics, and the capacity to reap the most value. Whether it’s personal or on a macro level, anyone in the industry will be able to walk away with more knowledge, networks, and ideas to be manifested.

The Magical Crypto Conference is a fun and light-hearted conference where anyone who wants to be more immersed in the technical approaches of Bitcoin can participate, network, and learn. Technical decision makers and technical strategy influencers from all over the world are united during these two days where they mingle and listen to multifaceted talks by leaders and pioneers of the industry. Coinciding with Blockchain Week in New York, the inaugural Magical Crypto Conference was organized in May 2019 and was a stunning success. Now we carry on the custom with future conferences planned annually in New York and Singapore.

Magical Crypto Friends is a collaboration between Charlie Lee (the creator of Litecoin), Samson Mow (CSO of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic), Riccardo Spagni (lead maintainer of Monero), and WhalePanda (expert trader). In October 2017 they came up with the idea of doing a YouTube show together which turned out to be easily accepted by the public and gained much popularity. They’ve released an episode every month since then, which is an interesting combination of news and technical issues in bitcoin, explained in a humorous way that everyone can understand.


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